Installation Manual
have trouble installing the script? see how easy it is!

Here you can find out how to install/launch mIRCŪ with deVilScript on your PC. It'll take you no longer than 5 minutes - the installation process is very simple.

1. Download deVilScript Setup application.

If you don't have it yet, download a fresh copy of this file from here.
A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called dscript3.0.exe. Click 'Save File'.
Firefox  Internet Explorer

2. Open the file you have just downloaded.

When download is done, double click on the dscript3.0.exe file from the Mozilla Downloads window or click Run button in Internet Explorer window to open the deVilScript Setup application (alternatively, you could open it directly from the location you saved it which is typically your desktop).
Firefox  Internet Explorer

3. Follow the Setup Wizard.

The deVilScript Setup Wizard will appear and guide you through the rest of the installation.

4. Launch deVilScript.

After the installation has finished, you can open deVilScript at any time by clicking the icon on your desktop or in your quick launch bar.

How To Update mIRCŪ

Will be added later. Be patient.

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