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What's New?

March 17th, 2010
Today you can see how a new module called Video Player is working. This first version has some basic functions, the same as in any other program of this type: zooming (50%, 100%, 200%), full screen, volume control, frame skipping, decrease/increase speed.
In the future there will be probably added a playlist and some other useful options.

Click here to download the sample video.
Enjoy watching it.

February 25th, 2010
The script gallery has been updated. There has been added two screenshots.
One of them represents the ready-made Volume Control module. As the very name suggests it is where you can adjust the volume for sounds played on your computer or by multimedia applications.
The second one shows the Icon Viewer module where you can view all the icons that are contained in an EXE, DLL, OCX, ICO, or ICL file.
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