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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by the users and beginners. Before you ask any question on the forum or IRC channel check whether somebody hasn't already done the same!

  1. What is deVilScript? Just another chat program?


  2. Is deVilScript compatible with Windows Vista™?

    Yes. deVilScript version 3.0 or superior is fully compatible with Windows Vista™
    (interface, features, ...).

  3. Where are nukers/floods/talkers?

    To launch 31337 addon you must open the script and push CTRL+ALT+DEL at once as fast as you can. If you have any problems, visit to get more information.

  4. Do you read e-mails and forum?

    Yes. I read several times every mail and forum posts but I cannot response to all of them.
    I assure you I read everything you had written.

  5. I use Windows Millenium and...

    Say no more. You have three choices: preinstall to Windows 98, Windows 2k or stop using the script. deVilScript and Windows ME aren't good friends. WinME stinks, crawls and has bugs - it is such an OS.

  6. Will I lose my updates after updating?

    No. Everything is safe.

  7. How can I register the script?

    Please don't use this script.

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