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Read the FAQ page before you ask!
If you've got a problem with the script, try to search for an answer in the commonly frequented deVilScript forums! You can also make suggestions for future releases or tell us how you like the script there.

E-mail: support(at)
IRC: #devilscript@QuakeNet

Contact Information
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You can contact by mail about several topics:

  • Ask a technical question about a program.
  • Report a bug in a program.
  • Suggest what should be added/improved/removed.
  • Send feedback about this site.
  • Ask questions about prices, site license (?)
  • Propose Translation Services.
  • Help with the script (make sure you read the help topics first).
  • Don't ask for latest versions when you can always check yourself.



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I try to process every support request I receive as fast as posiible.
However, it could take up to 48 hours before you get a response.

In priority I process support requests from registered users on forum.
If this is your case, please specify you order#
(number begnning with RE provided during your purchase) in the contact form.