News Archive

• November 19th, 2009

deVilScript Board is finally ready! Since the 18th November anyone who is interested in getting in touch with me (Script Coder) is now able to register on the newly created forum. There are three main contents available: 'General Discussion', 'Bug report' and 'Feature requests/suggestions/feedback'.
When the script will be ready for you to download (this may happen any time in the future), feel free to ask any questions, give suggestions, and report any mistakes you come across.
You can be sure I will always take your ideas into consideration and reply to the posts as soon as possible.

• November 1st, 2009

The installation manual guide on the website has been updated.
Moreover, the script setup application includes currently available version of mIRC®. Thanks to that, it will be easier to install the script and update the mIRC® later on. The way of updating mIRC® will be added to the installation manual. Today you can also see some script elements in the gallery.

• June 3rd, 2009

Since 26th May the script's website has finally gained its own brand new domain - and, what goes after that, a new support contact e-mail is support(at)
Due to the domain's change, the former address, will cease to exist sometime.

• February 22nd, 2009

Some parts of script code has been improved which makes the script faster and the code shorter now.
I have also started writting new modules such as AutoCorrect (automatically detect and correct typos, misspelled words, and incorrect capitalization) or Seen Monitor (a service which monitors channel events and sends to the users a respond about people who were on channel).
All people interested in releasing the first official version of the deVilScript will have to wait a little bit more.

• October 18th, 2008

mIRC 6.35 has been released! mIRC users are advised to upgrade primarilly due to a security issue related to the use of very long nicknames on non-standard servers. See a full list of changes at You can download mIRC® from the mIRC website.

• January 31st, 2008

Welcome. The site is ready enough so I have decided to run it. As the time passes by, everything will be completed. Mailing list works fine and you can subscribe. Neither forum nor script gallery are ready yet. In an undetermined time there should come out the first version of the script, so don't click 'download' button yet ;) Regards.