About The Script
what's that all about?

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I'm doing everything I can to build a special place, where my script's fans can share comments and questions. All designs and intellectual materials have been written by myself.
deVilScript is a mIRCŪ addon, created to make your chat easier!

The list below contains several examples of what you can find in my script:

  • away system with pager and loger
  • ballon tips to notify you of events
  • customizable toolbar with e-mail checker, lag graph and much more
  • extensive channel and personal protections
  • improved channel central with topic preview, extended modes and ban control
  • statistics, system information and usage histories
  • theme engine with lots of themes and easy editing
  • a clipboard editor, alarm timer and much, much more...

Check out the script gallery, which may attract you to use deVilScript everyday!
What's more, you can subcribe to the mailing list, so that you'll be informed about any changes.

Everything is easy-to-use. If you happen to have any problems, look on the Frequently Asked Questions page or ask in our forums.

deVilbaT, November 7th, 2008